Pasture Prime is located in 
Coles County, Illinois.

The creek that meanders through our
property is referred to as either
Whetstone or Rattle Snake Creek.

Wildlife is abundant - everything from
foxes, mink, and coyotes to hawks,
woodpeckers, and owls.

We have an enclosed pasture
 for the horses and livestock.

Some areas are tillable - we have a
newly established alfalfa field and we
also harvest hay for animal feed.

The rest of the landscape consists of rolling
hills and wooded areas.

In addition to our house, we have several outbuildings - a horse barn, chicken coop,
a barn for hay storage, and our newly built outdoor bathroom/shower structure.

To take a scenic virtual tour of the farm,
scroll over the yellow markers on the overhead map.

For a Scenic Tour of Pasture Prime, Scroll Over the Yellow Arrows on the Overhead View of Pasture Prime

We are fortunate to have a lot of bright
and sunny days.  Sometimes the weather
takes a turn though - rain, hail, and high
winds have all led to some eventful times.

Heron Hill

These sculptures were created by
Lorelei and artist/blacksmith
Holly Fisher

Old farrier files were heated and
and formed to create the feathers.


This old barn was rehabbed
into a multi-function building.

One half of it is enclosed -
it houses our chicken friends
at night and we have a storage
area for lawn and garden tools.

The other half of the barn was
completely rotted and instead of
attempting to completely rebuild
it, we fashioned the roof to
serve as an overhang.  We
use this area to cut wood and
the chickens like to hang
out there during the daytime.
Scroll over these images to compare before and after photographs.

We enjoy hosting friends and family here at
the farm.  There's plenty of room, just not
bedrooms for everyone to spend the night indoors.

To address this need, we created an awesome
camping area, nestled in a wooded area just
west of Trouser Snake Lake. 

The Double Deuce Outhouse is wired with
a solar panel - it has interior and exterior lighting.